Sunday, 16 January 2011

Respite from Crazy Weather

Thank goodness - its thawed! We've had some wild weather these last few weeks - its now been six weeks since we've been able to run a full diary of lessons for a whole week.
We've had the lot - snow too deep to get up the road, -14 degrees leaving us with a frozen surface, and then ice that was so treacherous, we couldn't get the horses in from the field!
It has melted for the timebeing though, so we're all taking advantage of it and riding outside whilst we can - the horses get pretty bored of the indoor school during winter!
The school horses and ponies have all loved it - they live outside anyway, so when the weather is too bad for lessons, they just get extra rations of haylage and munch away so some of their waistlines are a bit bigger than they were before Xmas!

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