Monday, 14 February 2011

Comic Relief and RGU

We're busily gearing up to do some serious fundraising for Comic Relief. We've got the following things planned:
  • Lesson donation - for every lesson paid for in cash on Saturday, we will donate £5 to Comic Relief. We are hoping that lots of our members (even those who ride on Block Booking Cards and Standing orders) will pay in cash that day to help boost the fundraising.
  • We are selling cupcakes made by one of our liveries specially for Comic Relief.
  • We have a Comic Relief sweepstake in reception
  • We are donating all proceeds from the tea and coffee donations to Comic Relief.
  • We are organising "photos on your favourite pony" for £20. £20 gets you a nice print and a jpeg of the photos. The full £20 from each session will be donated to Comic Relief.

So - we're hoping that everyone will dig deep and get their pennies out for this great cause!

We'd also like to say a big well done to RGU riding team (A), who have qualified for the regional championships. They won the Aberdeen uni competition, and their home one at Oldfold and then the Dundee uni one, making them the leaders by miles! Fingers crossed they get on brilliantly at the regionals!

A big well done also to our horses who did so well in the uni competition here - Freddie, Abbey, Charlie and Chloe who did the dressage, and Timone, Scrufty, Hagrid and Eric who did the jumping. They all performed really well and had a good day.

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