Friday, 12 August 2011

Catching up

Lots of stuff to catch up on as our blog has been broken, so we've been unable to update anything! Anyway, here goes...
We now have 260 bales of haylage wrapped and ready to munch! We are taking a second cut of haylage off the cow fields in order to try and save a bit of money by not having to buy in as much from elsewhere to supplement our own home grown stuff.
We are also raising the price of lessons by £2 as of the 1st September - we've held off having a price rise for nearly 2 years, but unfortunately needs must now and we're experiencing such higher costs, we have no alternative but to increase the price of lessons - however hopefully everyone can see the massive improvements we're making at the moment, with the new shower bay for horses and the x-country jumps.
The x-country jumps are now pegged and ready for use in the field - the bumps that we built will be out of action until next year as we are reseeding them with grass and the ditches are not quite finished yet as we're waiting for the wood to support them. A few of our liveries have already enjoyed using them.
We also said goodbye to Aero this morning as she was put to sleep. We had always planned to put Aero to sleep at the end of this summer as we thought she was struggling a bit last winter, and after a few years retirement, she was ready to go. So big thanks to Aero, who has been a great horse over the years both in the riding school originally, then working as granny to our foals in her later retired years.

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