Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Delayed blog!

So apologies - we have properly fallen behind with the blogging, but are hoping to keep up with it now! Loads of stuff has been happening since the last blog, so we'll try to update you with it all now!

We now have a new horse in to try for the RDA and riding school. JR is a coloured cob, 5 years old who appears to be very quiet and sweet. He is in isolation at the moment, waiting for the results of his strangles test - which we take from all new horses when they enter the yard. Freddie is currently keeping JR company as he was a bit unlevel in front and we thought he would enjoy a bit of time out in a quiet field.
Dixie is still off and has her last session of shockwave this Friday..... she has injured her suspensory ligament, so will be getting walked out slowly after her last shockwave session and we are hoping that she will then come back to soundness and normal work - so fingers crossed!
Reggie has been doing well with his plastic shoes and has managed to keep them on. His feet are so good now, he only wears the plastic shoes in front and is barefoot behind at the moment. We will be shoeing him again in the summer so that he can enjoy some months of grass, but we're delighted that he is staying so sound at the moment.

The members committee have been quite busy - they have built a shelving unit in the coffee hut and are looking into new frames for educational posters for the portacabin.
We are also running an educational night on Tuesday 19th March titled "How to reduce the risk when buying a horse" at 7.30p.m. Sally is giving the talk and everyone needs to dress warmly as it is a practical talk in the indoor school. There will be horses in the school going round for everyone to compare/look at and it should be a good night for everyone to attend.

Right, thats all for now - we'll be back with another blog soon (hopefully)

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