Sunday, 12 December 2010

Recent News

Thank goodness the snow has gone now! It has been a very hard couple of weeks - mainly because when we have that much snow, the staff have double the work to do because the horses need hayed and watered in the feild constantly, and the liveries take much longer to look after as it is occasonally too icy for turnout.
The school horses and ponies had a great holiday because of the snow - it was lovely that some of our members got in touch to check that the horses and ponies were coping. They cope much better than people! Horses in the UK can cope with temperatures of up to -20, as long as they are dry and out of the wind. Our horses all wear nice thick waterproof rugs, and have loads of haylage in the field, so they are happier out than in!
We took Melody, Belinda and Aero in as Melody and Belinda don't wear a rug (Aero does as she is a bit older). Melody and Belinda were fine, but we were worried that the cold would affect Aeros breathing, so we thought best to get them into the cosy. Melody behaved really well and enjoyed her stable time in the warm next to mum.
The school horses and ponies were all quite fresh when they came back into work, so the staff had to ride some of them for a bit before members got on them. Worst culprits were Timone and Scrufty, who took the greatest of pleasure in squealing and jumping about with what appeared to be a sense of humour.
We are nearing Xmas and New Year now, and all the staff and horses are looking forward to some nice days off.

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