Saturday, 27 November 2010

Snow.... and some sad news

Wow, after posting about the gales, we should have expected nothing less than snow....... and lots of it! It started on Wednesday, with most of our evening riders failing to get for their lesson because the roads were at a standstill. Whilst Thursday wasn't too bad, the snow on Friday got ridiculous!
It started on the Friday morning, and just kept thumping down. By lunchtime on Friday there was at least 6 inches of the white stuff and it kept going. Unfortunately, we had to cancel lessons on Saturday because we just couldn't risk taking the school horses in over the ice, and we're keeping our fingers crossed for the rest of the weekend.
We also had some sad news this week. Ed, who is one of our most popular livery horses, was put to sleep. Ed had been at Oldfold for over three years, since he was bought by Tracy (one of our directors). He had spent the last year on loan to Laura (who works in reception) and was one of the nicest horses we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Ed spent his older teens with us, having been in the North East for the majority of his life and being very successful in his two previous homes. He was a horse in a million, who taught so many people so many things - he was dearly loved by everyone on the yard, but in particular Tracy, Laura and Fay who had so much fun with him. He will be dearly missed, but we're just glad that he had a nice peaceful, dignified ending as he so deserved.

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