Thursday, 11 November 2010

Website is Live (and other updates)

Our website is now fully functional and online for everyone to see. If you would like to receive monthly newsletters, go online and sign up for it. We think the website is great and that Kim has done a brilliant job with it - Thanks Kim!
We've tried to make the website in a way that makes it appealing to both our junior and senior club members, and there is loads of information on it about the club, including great photos and info on all the horses and ponies.

Other news is that the vet had a look at Rafiki the other day, and was happy with how sound she is. She looks really good, and is moving better than she has for a long time. We're really pleased at her progress, and hope to write up her case on the website soon for everyone to read and learn about. The only problem now is her weight - she still refuses to lose anything despite being fed very little and obviously her weight is not helping her back leg problems when she is carrying so much extra belly!

We are also about to put in another order for hoodies (with the club logo on them) so anyone who wants one needs to pick up an order form and complete it (in reception).

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