Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Windy weather

We've had a bit of a time of it with crazy gales recently! We had to cancel some lessons last Monday and then cancelled nearly all lessons this Wednesday.
Many of our members cannot understand why we cancel when there is severe wind, but its a safety issue - we want all our members to have fun, but sometimes when it gets really windy outside, we decide that its safer on both the staff and members to cancel. Our horses and ponies, although very quiet and well behaved, can be unpredictable when its really windy due to the noise and things blowing about. For our smaller, more novice members, we worry that the ponies spooking in the wind may make them lose their balance and come off - whilst they are very unlikely to hurt themselves, it doesnt' help their confidence.
For our more advanced lessons, it can also be a problem as the more advanced horses tend to be a bit more "flighty" in these situations. Whilst we are happy that our advanced members are more than capable of coping with windy weather, it can be pretty detrimental to a horses confidence to work in a group situation when things are a bit loud and windy - there is also the issue that the riders often cannot hear the instructor.
We are lucky in that having an indoor school, we can keep going in most weather conditions, but please be understanding that if we cancel your lesson due to the weather, it really is for your own benefit and safety!

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