Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Jumps have arrived!

Great news - the new jumps arrived on Friday morning so we now have a lovely course of showjumps up in the sand paddock, and cross country jumps waiting to be secured and pegged down into the field. We used the showjumps in our lessons last night, and they went down a storm so the horses seem to like them! As they're wooden, we'll be painting them each year with new colours and designs, so it'll keep them looking fresh.
The cross country jumps also look brill - there are lots of variety with brushes/rolltops/houses e.t.c. We're also planning to get a digger in to do some work to the field to make bumps/ditches e.t.c. so hopefully in around 5 weeks we'll have a new play area in one of the fields!
We're busy on the horse front as well, with 3 new liveries coming in this week - they are all existing clients who have bought new horses, which makes it easier as they know where everythng is and the yard rules, but it is still hard work as each horse has to get settled into its new group, get tack organised and all the other little things that we forget about until its time to get another new one!

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