Monday, 27 June 2011

Assessments are over and poor Reggie

Yipee! The assessments are finished. Sally has spent the last seven days assessing over 300 weekly riders and she has square eyes from looking at her laptop and repetitive sprain injuries from typing! We were delighted with the standard that everyone rode at in their assessment - we already knew we had great staff, but this just proves it as the standard was higher than ever. The new way of delivering the assessment sheets seems to work well with the riders collecting them the next week, as it saves us running late for each class from giving out the sheets to the previous class. As normal, if anyone has any questions about their assessment, they can just ask Sally or their regular instructor to explain things. It will hopefully be a nice quiet week for everyone now so that they can recover from assessments.
We were also delighted with Hannahs results at Stage 3 - she passed her riding exam with flying colours, making her a full BHS A.I. The stage 3 exam is a difficult one, with a high standard and we're delighted she passed it as she put so much hard work into her riding in the months leading up to the exam. Martin is away doing his today, and his reports back are good so far in that he got through the jumping and flatwork - we'll need to wait 10 days for his results though, so fingers crossed!
On another note, poor Reggie got kicked in the field last night. It was his own fault really, as he has taking to "playing" with his pals Monty and Amos, and was seen climbing on their backs. One of them has obviously given him a kick to his forearm, and he has a small cut and a lot of swelling on it. Our first concern was that it was close to the joint, but it is just above it - however for safetys sake, we will be getting an x-ray done of his leg on Friday to make sure there are no small cracks or fractures. He is sound on it and happy in himself, but we want to be on the safe side as he's such a lovely chap. The small cut on his leg has bled quite a lot as he has nicked a blood vessel, so we're keeping an eye on it and if it doesn't stop the vet will revisit him tonight to try to dress the wound to stop it bleeding.

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