Monday, 13 June 2011

Stressful seperation!

Hi folks, we're having an exciting time at the farm this morning. Today was the day that we planned to seperate Belinda and Melody as Melody is confident without her mum now, and is very friendly with Aero, the granny mare that we use to keep the youngsters company!
So we went into the field this morning and caught Belinda in - which didn't bother Melody at all. She just stood at the gate with Aero.
Belinda was a totally different case though - she got herself very worked up for some reason - she was really calm the last time she had a foal weaned (Aria). Anyway, we put Belinda up with the school girls who she is used to from being turned out with them before. This didn't work though as Belinda was squealing and trying to kick the geldings next door over the fence. We intervened quickly as this is how she cut her hind leg before, so we decided to put her up to Murtle Den with Cali and Ben, where there were no geldings next door. Belinda was a bit strong and pushy on the way up the track and when we let her loose in the field she decided to chase Cali and kick her. Ben was not amused by his field friend getting kicked so he went after Belinda, who unfortunately decided trying to jump the gate was the best option. Now Belinda was never the best jumper when she was in ridden work, so unsurprisingly she didnt' manage to clear the 5 foot gate. However, she landed on it with her chest so the gate gave way and crumpled underneath her. She then got up, miraculously unhurt and took off past us back down the farm track. We phoned the other staff quickly and got the road gates shut but Belinda was quickly back down at the field gate, speaking to Melody. We were so pleased that she didn't hurt herself during all the excitement, so we've now decided to stable her for the next couple of days and will then try turning her out again. Poor old Belly - if only she would relax a bit and go out to a nice field!

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