Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Belinda is happy again!

So Belinda has now spend 10 days away from her baby Melody after the initial stressful seperation. We kept her in her stable rather than turning her out after her gate jumping incident, so good old Archie moved in with Melody and Aero to keep them company. We then reintroduced Belinda today who proceeded to chase poor Archie around and annoy him. He is so good though, he just keeps out of the way and looks at Belinda as though she is slightly mad - he's a great companion.
Melody came in and got her feet trimmed today and she was very good, standing to have them trimmed and tidied. More excitingly, for the first time in 2 years we finally managed to get Dinkys back feet trimmed properly. Dinky is terrified of farriers - when we first got her she was very nervous at being handled in general and whilst she has slowly become better and more confident, she still has an issue with getting her feet done. We keep her unshod to reduce her (and the farriers) stress, but it is nearly impossible to lift her back feet. So she was sedated today by the vet with special drugs so she was sleepy and then she didn't really notice her feet being done. Well done Dinky!
Assessments are still being done - we are doing them electronically this year, so our riders will collect their forms a week after their assessments rather than right after the class, but it is working well so far because we can do the assessments faster and keep a clear record of everyones standard for future assessments.

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