Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sad Days, and Xmas excitement

Hi Everyone,
A sad blog today I'm afraid - some of you may be aware that we had to have Chloe put to sleep last Monday - which was a real shock, and very difficult for our staff to deal with.
Chloe had a slight cough a week previously, which was treated with anti-biotics, and when the vet examined her she had some fluid on her lungs. She responded well to the anti-biotics and by last Monday was allowed out in the field for a few hours. She had a lovely day out with Aria, and was in really good health, galloping about the field. She came in around 5p.m. and appeared to have some type of seizure in her stable around twenty minutes later. We called the vet as an emergency, who sedated and thoroughly examined Chloe, but she had such a range of odd symptoms, she was very difficult to diagnose. Whilst the vet was there, her seizures became more regular, with less time in between and she was becoming extremely distressed.
We took the sad decision to put Chloe down - a horse having seizures is obviously extremely dangerous for both the vet and the staff to deal with, and there was no way of controlling it or helping Chloe. We decided that we would carry out a post mortem on Chloe, to ensure that whatever had gone wrong with her was not a danger to any other horses.
Chloes blood results showed that she had a big immunoresponse to something, so had some type of virus, and also that she was bleeding into her brain, which was the reason for the seizures. Luckily, it happened in her stable rather than when she was loose in the field, which could obviously have had catastrophic results. We're just glad that Chloe was with our staff, who all adore her at the end, and that we were able to soothe her and make sure her last couple of hours were as peaceful as possible. It would appear that Chloe was just very unlucky and had an odd response to her cough/virus, which then flared up when she finished her anti-biotics. Chloe was with us for over five years, and was one of the sweetest, nicest horses we have ever had the pleasure of owning. She taught our staff a phenomenal amount towards their Stage exams, and was always very popular for jumping lessons - so RIP Chloe, we hope you're up there with Pumba galloping about the fields and having fun.
On a happier note, we have decided to do a game show/panto this year. "The Equine X Factor" is on Thursday 22nd December at 7.30p.m and involves all the staff and many of the members basically making a fool of themselves! So, if you want to come along and laugh at us all, then make sure you get your tickets soon as we can only sell limited numbers due to the limited space in the school. Tickets cost £5 for children, £7 for adults and £12 for families (up to 2 adults and 3 children).
Hope to see you all there!

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