Friday, 9 December 2011

Crazy Weather!

Well, luckily we're all still here after the crazy gales that hit Aberdeen yesterday afternoon and evening. Obviously we had to cancel lessons, as we wanted to get all the staff home early and safely, but the horses are also much happier out in the field as they can work out what the noise is with the wind if they are outside - it is much scarier for them in the stable!
The evening managed to pass without incident, other than a slight panic when we thought the roof was blowing off the caravan...... We also lost the exhaust pipe off the tractor and one of the hay rings blew away, but thats pretty good considering how windy it was, and how much damage has been done elsewhere.
The horses had a nice couple of days off as we also had to cancel lessons on Wednesday because the yard was so icy - we couldn't get them in or out from the field, so they stayed cosy in their rugs munching at the hay bale.
We were going to moan about the weather, but then realised that this time last year, we were a foot deep in snow, and had already cancelled tonnes of lessons, so we're getting off lightly this year compared to last year.

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