Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Murphy is lame!

Murphy has gone lame! This is a phenomena! Murphy has never been lame in all the time we have had him - he has steel legs! We are hoping he just has a foot abcess so he is in with a little pink stable rug on (much to his disgust) and a poultice, which will hopefully make him feel better - poor old Murphy, although he will be enjoying the stable and hay!
The other horses are fitter now, after another weeks work so they have started doing some jumping. We are keeping the jumping quite simple with them this week so that they keep getting fitter slowly, but they are all enjoying themselves!
Just a little reminder as well for any riders who want to use their discount vouchers that they got in their Christmas presents - the block booking ones in particular have an expiry date on them, so make sure that you get them used in time!

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