Monday, 23 January 2012

Vet has been again!

Poor little Murphy is broken - he came in lame on Tuesday and we had the vet to look at him on Friday, who booked for him to be x-rayed today (Monday). He was slightly lame on his right hind, which got worse when the vet flexed his fetlock area. X-rays showed that Murphy has a small fracture to one of his sesamoid bones (small round bones at back of fetlock) and our vet is going to refer the x-rays to another vet to find out the best treatment. There is a small chip of bone in the joint area, which may need to be removed, but we are hoping that with lengthy rest, Murphy will recover - we'll be keeping our fingers crossed until we hear back from the other vet though! We have no idea how Murphy did this - he has no cuts or anything on him, and very rarely moves at any speed in the field! But fingers crossed, and wishing him a speedy recovery. Apache was also lame, but it looks as though he just kicked himself in a lesson and he is much better today with the swelling down.
Murphy does seem to be enjoying his box rest though - he can't believe his luck that all he has to do is stand there, and everyone brings him his food and water and picks up his poo!

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