Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The rain has finally stopped!

Yipee! The rain has finally stopped, the sun has come out and the horses have finally gotten their rugs off! Its so nice to get out in the sand paddock and ride out round the fields again.
So, whats new at Oldfold? Well, we have a great hacking track now, which John kindly put up around the farm - it means that we can now ride a big loop round the whole farm through the haylage fields without having to get off and open gates or turn back, so thanks John! The track has a big puddle on it because of all the rain - some of the horses have been very funny and tried to avoid getting their feet wet, but most of the horses love it and go paddling happily.
Henry is now happily in lessons too - he is proving to be a real gentleman and very popular with the members who have been lucky to ride him so far. He will be staying out in the field with Reggie overnight for the foreseeable future, as they are great friends and both a bit too polite and posh to go in with Scrufty and Boyo!
We are also running a "livery" grid lesson on Tuesday 29th May at 6.00p.m. The lesson is limited to liveries on horses over 15.2h.h., but is a great opportunity for riding school members to come along and watch the grid lesson and learn a bit more about distances e.t.c.
We are also running a cross country demo on Saturday 16th June, at 6.30p.m. The idea is that we will show members how to walk a cross country course, how to ride different fences and there will be a variety of standards of guinea pig riding round. It will be a great fun evening, which the members committee are organising and there is a barbeque as well, so hopefully you guys will all be able to attend!
If you would like to come along on the evening, entry is for members only and is free - just add your name to the list in reception.

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