Friday, 26 February 2010

Rafikis update

Hi All,
Rafiki here - just thought I would update everyone on my progress with my dodgy back leg. It is now just over a week since I had my steroid injections into the hock joint. I have been resting nicely in my stables - other than one day when the temptation of a bit of hay outside my door was too much and I ran off over the wheelbarrow to eat it and had a trot round the yard. No-one seems to understand how hungry I am! This diet nonsense is awful!
Anyway.... where was I..... Oh yes.... I got my injections just over a week ago and then Jason the farrier came on Thursday to put my graduated heel shoes on my back feet. Very fancy I say! - they're like pretty lady high heels, and everyone tells me that heels make you look taller and slimmer - so they're a great idea in my book.
Apparently they are helping a bit as I was resting my left hind leg all the time in the stable, but as soon as the new shoes went on I was putting weight on both legs evenly - I hadn't really noticed to be honest, but I guess a girl should make the most of her Jimmy Choos!
For everyone who is keeping up to date and wants to know the costs of what I've had done so far, I'll be posting about it early next week as I need a couple of days with my calculator to work out how much the shoes cost, how much the injections cost and how much all the extra time I get to spend with that nice man that everyone calls "vet" cost.
For now,

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