Friday, 5 February 2010

Welcome "Sir Charlie Fox"

Us horses and ponies got a new pal yesterday - his name is "Sir Charlie Fox" no less! We've already decided that he's going to have to get used to getting called Charlie as there is no way us lot can manage that mouthful! We suspect he may be a bit posh before someone has given him that great long name - but we'll soon sort that out when he joins us all in the field!
He's living in a field at the back of the farm just now with good old Aero, just in case he has any bugs with him that we don't want the other horses catching - this is standard practice when we take a new horse onto the yard.
He is a 16h.h. 12 yr old coloured gelding who has previously done a bit of everything in a private home and we are hoping he will be a fitting replacement for our beloved Pumba who we lost at the start of the year to colic. He has enormous shoes to fit if he is going to be as good as Pumba, but he has a lovely nature which is a good start. He'll come in to be ridden by a member of staff tomorrow and then start a bit more intensive work towards going into lessons once he recovers from his trip up here and puts on a little bit of weight. Aero is showing him how to behave by standing at the hay bale with him and making sure he doesn't go hungry!

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