Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Wow! Isn't this exciting! A new blog....... specially for us horses and ponies! This blog will be updated regularly so you'll need to keep checking back to see whats happening at ARC in the future. Us horses and ponies are going to write the blog... none of that nonsense written by the staff as we know much better whats going on at the stables.
The blog will be a combination of things - funny stories that have happened to us, news about whats coming up, notices to members and photos.
So we're going to start with some exciting news - we have a new horse friend arriving tomorrow! Although we don't know what his name is yet! He is black and white, 16h.h., 12 yr old and is a boy. He has done lots of unaffiliated competing and has been in the same home since he was a 5 yr old, so when he arrives he will be isolated at the back of the farm to make sure he doesn't have any diseases he could pass onto us lovely horses and ponies, and will then start training with the staff and joining lessons.
We're also saying goodbye to Noah this week as he leaves to move onto pastures new. Noah has been with us since he was a yearling and is now a big strapping four year old. He is a bit too sharp to join the riding school when he is older, so he'll go on to a private competititve home now to make room for the new boy.
We'll update with the new horses name once we've all gotten to know him and let you guys know a bit more about what he's like.
Thats all for now!
ARC horses and ponies.

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